What can I expect by attending a Private Briefing? Am I committing to anything? 

Retirement Insights, LLC provides educational Briefings ONLY. We do not sell anything.
There will be nothing to buy, just valuable rarely-shared-in-public information.

You will discover practical strategies to create income tax deductions, reduce income and estate taxes, create tax-free income and more. Every attendee receives a FREE Action Guide.

How much do workshops cost?

We do not “surprise” attendees with any fees! In fact, almost all of our workshops, courses and events are free of charge.  However, if there is a fee, you will be told up front, during registration with the fee collected prior to the event date. 

Do you sell my personal information to marketing firms or third parties?

Absolutely not.  Your privacy is ultra important to us.  Your information is only shared with the Master Presenter, who will follow up to conform and remind you of the Private Briefing details.  Your information is not sold to other entities or used for any other purpose outside of Retirement Insights or the Master Presenter of this event. 

Who attends these workshops?  Is this the right workshop for me?

The Private Briefings are designed for successful Business Owners, Executives, Professionals between the ages of 50 and 75.

How long are the workshops?

Our Private Briefings are fast-paced, educational, and informative. You should plan about 2 hours.

Is Retirement Insights associated with the Social Security Administration, IRS, or any other government agencies?

No!  We are an independent entity focused on educating individuals and families about their retirement and financial options.

Who is the Master Presenter of the Private Briefing in my area?

Our Master Presenters are hand-picked and approved. They are financial, tax and legal professionals that have been helping folks like you fully enjoy retirement for decades. They can be a CPA, financial advisor, attorney or other retirement planning professional who is trained to show you how to preserve, protect and pass on your wealth.

Why do presenters teach these courses at no cost to attendees?

The Private Briefings are designed to educate attendees and give them a chance to meet our Master Presenters. Every attendee will be entitled to an optional, personal financial planning consultation at no additional cost or obligation with the Master Presenter. If you are interested in working directly with the professional, they may charge a fee or commission for their services, BUT attendance at the Private Briefing in no way obligates you the engage the Master Presenter in any service.