Is your lifestyle in retirement a buzzer beater?

Are you a basketball fan? I love the drama of championship games.

UNC played Villanova in the 2016 NCAA Championship game.

With just 4.7 seconds left, the game was tied and Villanova had the ball.

As the clock ran down, Kris Jenkins of the Villanova Wildcats threw a Hail Mary ball.


Three points and a winning basket at the buzzer. The crowd went wild.

Anything could have happened in those last 4.7 seconds.

Yes, Villanova won…

But it was a scary win.

This makes for great basketball, but is this how you want your money and lifestyle to go?

Do you really want to wait for the last few years of life to know if you’ve won?

It will rob you all the joy.

Remember: You only go through life ONCE.   

So, what are you doing to be sure your lifestyle dreams come true?

Don’t wait until the final buzzer!

Traditional financial, tax and retirement planning is broken… and giving people false hope.

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