Private Briefings To Help You Cut Taxes And Create More Retirement Income

Proven Principles To Create A More Worry Free Retirement

“Retirement” is a subject that returns 980,000,000 Google results. Nine hundred and eighty million often contradictory and confusing results.

You want answers.
One-size-fits-all, assembly-line advice will not due.

If you are looking for straight answers, you’ve come to the right place.

Avoid double taxation on retirement accounts

Bypass capital gains taxes on stocks, bonds, real estate

Reduce or Eliminate Income Taxes on IRAs, 401(k)s

Designed For Highly Successful Business Owners, Executives, and Professionals

Our Private Briefings are not the run-of-the-mill “get a steak and get sold” retirement seminars
you get invited to every day. We understand. We get invited too!
You will learn real-world strategies to reduce taxes and increase your retirement income!

A National Resource With Local Access

Our Master Presenters are hand-picked and approved. They are financial, tax and legal professionals that have been helping folks like you fully enjoy retirement for decades. They can be a CPA, financial advisor, attorney or other retirement planning professional who is trained to show you how to preserve, protect and pass on your wealth.

Most importantly, they understand the challenges of successful business owners, executives and professionals who have worked hard and accumulated wealth.

And, they speak Plain English. No financial, legal or tax mumbo jumbo.

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